What's projectUnknown?

projectUnknown is just a proof of concept. It starts from the idea to create a game all by myself using FTEQW game engine. Apart from that, projectUnknown it can be considered a Multiplayer Arena-style FPS.
Four opponents fight each others in a brutal competition for the sake of glory. One remains alive, the others not.

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Deadly weaponry

Crush, explode, annihilate.. every weapon in projectUnknown has its own devastating power to let you frag your opponent in the most brutal way! You can count on a powerful mid-range plasma gun, a brutal low-range shotgun, a superfast machine gun and a devastating rocket launcher! What will be your favourite mass distruction tool?

Pure speed

projectUnknown is fast-paced, fast-thinking and fast-killing fps game. So, you have to think and shoot fast or you'll be fragged in no time! Every level is designed to make static players always targetable, with practically no holes or caves to hide inside!


Q: What is actually projectUnknown?

A: A very basic Multiplayer Arena-style FPS, including 4 deadly weapons, 3 characters types and skills, bots, nuts and bolts! On the technical aspect, it shows deep use of CSQC (client side QuakeC), which permits fancy stuff like client-side skeletal animation, advanced physics(ropes, ragdolls), animated HUD, client-only particle effects (bandwith saver), etc.

Q: When will the game be released?

A: Dunno, really. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 2 years, maybe never.

Q: Is it free?

A: If it should be released someday, of course! Every single line of code is created by me (Antonio Latronico) and will be released under CC0 License. Same license will have every artistic element created by me (models, textures, maps, sounds, etc.) with the sole exception of GLSL shader files, which belong to respective authors (written in every glsl file)


Feel free to use my site to contact me. There you can provide feedbacks, insults or just say hi!!